Creating a Positive Impact

Basic Policy

Under the vision of "Support metropolitan life (live, work, and consume) in Japan from the perspective of real estate," JMF is committed to building good long-term relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders, with a focus on the creation of social value on and around properties and the health and well-being of tenants’ employees. Specifically, by strengthening the resilience of buildings through disaster prevention measures and the provision of community spaces, as well as social contribution activities, JMF is committed to strengthening and improving connections with people locally. Furthermore, as an activity towards global society, JMF also supports Japan for UNHCR, Japan's official support window for UNHCR, the UN refugee support organization.

Actions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19, which had been recognized as a global-scale pandemic, has greatly affected our day-to-day lives and business, and many people have likely spent the past year busy with measures to prevent infection. On the other hand, the pandemic is proven to be an opportunity for us to examine optimal work formats and communications, and actions taken during the pandemic have resulted in a strong awareness regarding sustainability.

Health and Safety of Employees and Business Continuity

Implementation of our business continuity plan (BCP) commenced on February 28, 2020, and we established a COVID-19 countermeasures headquarters. We began implementing the following policies the following day.
  1. Work Systems
    We encouraged all employees to work from home, set attendance ratios according to the status of infection, instituted an attendance rotation program, staggered working hours, and a flextime system, introduced satellite office working, restricted business travel and work-related dining, encouraged online meetings, and thoroughly informed employees regarding precautionary measures to take when meeting face-to-face.
  2. Modification of Office Specifications
    We provided more space between desks, installed partitions, differentiated between entrance and exit doors, regularly sanitized doorknobs and other contact points, and installed body temperature measurement devices in reception areas.
  3. Employee Health Management
    We supported day-to-day communication between supervisors and employees, confirmed health status, provided information on addressing the lack of exercise such as guidance on stretching that can be done at home, and provided courses on mental health management training (the duty of supervisors to consider safety and confirmation of the roles of managers, line care methods) as a part of responses to changes in work styles and dealing with stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Facilitation of Working from Home
    We distributed facemasks and lent employees laptop PCs, displays, and headsets.
  5. Risk Management
    We formulated action plans and guidelines when the pandemic broke out and thoroughly informed employees regarding cautionary measures relating to the handling of information.


Rent reductions

Negotiated individually with each tenant

Instead of a flat reduction during the period of business suspension, we implemented individual support, taking into consideration the degree of impact on each tenant.

Other support

Subsidy application support

With regard to applications for government support for tenants, we implemented free-of-charge support by certified public accountant offices involved in business cooperation with the management company

Coupon preparation assistance

We assisted with preparation of coupons and accepted the burden of discount expenses to help to attract prospective customers and increase sales.

Introduction of food delivery services

To develop community-based delivery business operators, we accepted the burden of introduction expenses and delivery costs (to create sales opportunities for restaurants).

Infection prevention measures for safe and secure facility operation

Ensuring the health and safety of tenant employees

Daily health status confirmation, development of rapid communication systems, installation of temperature measurement equipment at entrances, and provision of sanitary supplies.

mozo wonder city
mozo wonder city
Installation of temperature measurement equipment at all tenants’ employee entrances
Machinoma Omori
Machinoma Omori
Provision of infection prevention reminder posters for employees

Measures at commercial facilities

To help avoid the “Three Cs” (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings), we implemented antibacterial and antiviral measures through aerial disinfection of locations with frequent opportunity for hand contact such as elevator buttons, escalator belts, and items in employee break rooms, and provided information on customer safety and security.

Nara Family
Nara Family
Provision of information on social distancing in elevators
Abiko Shopping Plaza
Abiko Shopping Plaza
Provision of information on crowded times to prevent crowding
mozo wonder city
mozo wonder city
Installation of screens and droplet prevention panels in food courts and increasing space between seats
Attachment of stickers in places where antibacterial and antiviral measures have been implemented
Attachment of stickers in places where antibacterial and antiviral measures have been implemented

Creating a Positive Impact

Reopening of the Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk Shopping Center

JMF reopened the Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk shopping center, one of its properties located in Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, in October 2017 after renovations.



・JMF implemented environmentally friendly initiatives such as planting local native species, carrying out greening of sidewalks, implementing measures against rainwater, etc.
・This renewal provided a community venue for residents in living near the commercial facility and strengthened club activities for local high schools and universities, as well as heightening responses to disasters.
・The parking lot was renovated with a new outdoor square. We added facilities to make this square more of a communal place by incorporating a playground that utilizes prefectural timber and increasing appeal through tree planting, etc.
・We significantly changed the parking lot flow lines separate from the facility renewal, reducing congestion on the national highway.

Positive Impact

Positive Impact

・Improvement in profitability (Economic) Consideration for the environment through greening (Environment)
・Improvement of environmental performance of facilities (Environment)
・Channeling rainwater aboveground by introducing permeable pavement and strengthening disaster-preparedness measures (Environment/Society)
・Providing community space for visitors, including local residents (Society)
・Reducing congestion on national highways by changing parking lot flow lines (Society)

This property was erected on the site of the Oyama Amusement Park, a familiar spot that was representative of the Northern Kanto region for half a century and was closed in February 2005. Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk consists of six buildings, including a home center, a York Benimaru supermarket, a promenade, and a shopping mall. The property also features 2,000 parking spaces, plus an additional 1,000 spaces for bicycles, roughly 70 medium - to large-sized stores (including specialty shops), and an eight-screen cinema complex.
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Communication with Stakeholders

Communication with Stakeholders

JMF means that its stakeholders cover a wide range of roles, from investors, lenders and bondholders, to tenants making use of its properties and service providers related to property management (PM) and building management (BM), to members of the surrounding community, and to various government administrations.
We believe that it is our mission to build long-lasting relationships with this wide variety of stakeholders and to continue sustainable management of the Group.
Communication with Stakeholders
Japan Metropolitan Fund Investment Corporatio

IR Activities

IR Activities

JMF strives to explain their investment policies to individual and institutional investors in an accurate and prompt manner. In doing so, we aim to maximize our value to our investors.

For Individual Investors

IR activities

JMF is fully engaged in IR activities that enable us to communicate directly with individual investors. This includes hosting briefing sessions for individual investors, participating in events aimed at individual investors, and holding explanatory meetings at securities company branch offices. We have also hosted seminars for women since fiscal 2015.

For institutional investors

investor conferences

JMF participates actively in investor conferences both in Japan and abroad hosted by securities companies. JMF also visits both domestic and foreign investors, as well as responds to follow-up individual interviews and meetings, as needed.

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ESG Presentation

ESG Meeting

ESG Meeting

ESG Briefing Sessions MCUBS is putting efforts into helping investors to better understand our initiatives by holding joint briefing sessions on ESG initiatives involving JMF and IIF.

ESG Presentation (Approx. 40 min)
ESG Report January 2020

For information on the General Meeting of Unitholders, click here

JMF proactively discloses information using its websites and a broad array of communication tools (including analyst meeting materials, press releases, etc.).
In order to present JMF's stance on sustainability to stakeholders, we will continue to pro-actively disclose information through a wide range of communication tools.
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Communication with Local Communities

Communication with Local Communities

JMF works to create important bonds with local communities by implementing disaster prevention measures and performing activities that contribute to society at every one of its wide range of properties.

Commercial Facilities that Benefit Local Communities

JMF carries out day-to-day management of its properties based on the Property Management Policy so that customers can shop safely, and is mindful of making contributions to society and local communities.
JMF aims to provide commercial facilities that benefit local communities by strengthening the resilience or our buildings, and by having our properties operate as regional hubs for disaster prevention activities in times of disaster.

Examples of Initiatives

Abiko Shopping Plaza
Abiko Shopping Plaza

To provide peace of mind to our customers, we have added greenery to our facilities and opened up parks and other communal spaces. We also work continuously to provide safe spaces for the local community and coordinate with local events. For example, our Abiko Shopping Plaza sponsors the local summer festival, and its rooftop is opened to the public as a viewing spot during the Teganuma Fireworks Display, which is one of the largest fireworks displays in the region.
Through these efforts, we are working to create an environment where local residents see our facilities as part of their community.

In addition, we have introduced “Park & Ride Shopping” at mozo wonder city as an effort to alleviate traffic jams in the surrounding area and to be environmentally friendly. We cooperate with nearby railway companies and offer benefits to customers who visit the shopping center by train after parking in a designated parking lot.

Implementation of disaster-preparedness drills

Implementation of disaster-preparedness drills

We are also cooperating in public rescue and assistance and mutual help initiatives through public-private partnerships at Twin 21, located in Osaka Business Park.

Providing land as a place for residents to gather and communicate

Providing land as a place for residents to gather and communicate

At AEON MALL Tsudanuma, part of the adjacent-owned land is lent to Narashino city for free to be used as a place for residents to gather and communicate.

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Communication with Tenants

Communication with Tenants

JMF not only considers facility environments and tenant safety at our commercial facilities; we also work together with our tenants and property management companies on initiatives focused on the global environment. Moreover, JMF actively communicates with tenants and property management companies by tenant's associations, ESG study sessions, store manager's meetings and conducting a questionnaire.

ESG study sessions

ESG study sessions

JMF holds ESG study sessions with tenants and property management companies in order to deepen their understanding of sustainability initiatives. JMF are also working to raise ESG awareness by introducing JMF's efforts at events conducted by commercial facility operators.

Disaster Prevention Efforts

JMF values our connections with the local community and aim to have our properties operate as regional hubs for disaster prevention efforts through providing evacuation site in times of disaster and setting up some disaster prevention storage warehouses.

Renovation of Tenant Employee Break Room

At mozo wonder city, in response to requests from employees based on a questionnaire for tenant employees, we renovated the employee's lounge and set up a powder room for employees.
mozo wonder city (Employee's lounge)
mozo wonder city(Employee's lounge)
mozo wonder city (Powder room)
mozo wonder city(Powder room)

Working with Our Tenants to Reduce Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions

As part of measures aimed at reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions at our properties, we participate in events that encourage consideration of environmental issues, and focus on working together with our tenants on joint initiatives.
In addition, since tenant understanding and cooperation is required when carrying out measures such as the installation of LED lighting, we are also working to strengthen our partnerships with both our tenants and the local community.
Participation in the CO2 Reduction/Light-Down Campaign
mozo wonder city, Nara Family, Abiko Shopping Plaza, JMF-Bldg. Jiyugaoka 01, and Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk-properties owned by JMF-all participated in the CO2 Reduction/Light-Down Campaign, which is sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment.

Conducting the tenant satisfaction survey

JMF conducts the tenant satisfaction survey once a year. Through the results of the survey, JMF puts forth efforts to create comfortable spaces for the people working in the office buildings by improving the surrounding environments and enhancing convenience of building facilities/equipment as well as safety.

Factors of CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)
  • Surrounding environment
  • Measures for safety
  • Behavior of MF (property management firm)
  • Quality of common area
  • Comforts of building
  • Usability building facilities & equipment
  • Manner of management firm’s staff
  • Cleanliness of building
  • Behavior of PM
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Cooperative activities with local government

Cooperative activities with local government

Case of Osaka Business Park (OBP)

Promotion of a plan to secure safety in urban rejuvenation

JMF promotes activities for public/mutual assistance under the public-private partnerships by establishing a plan to secure safety in urban rejuvenation in the entire area.

On March 27, 2015, Council for urgent development of urban rejuvenation for areas surrounding Osaka Business Park Station and Temmabashi Station was established.

Basic policy on securement of safety of stayers, etc. in the area surrounding Osaka Business Park Station

The future image of OBP
<The future image of OBP>

In order to mitigate confusion at stations or on roads due to commuters and others trying to get home quickly after a disaster, companies in the area, etc. shall work to make buildings earthquake-resistant and prepare temporary shelters, evacuation routes and other necessary environments in advance while guiding people to stay in the buildings or areas after it has been confirmed safe.

In addition, drinking water, blankets and other stockpile necessary for temporary stay and means to confirm safety of employees and their families shall be secured as well as establishing rules for evacuation (returning home), etc.

Concerning disaster countermeasures, measures from both hardware and software viewpoints for each block as well as for an entire area (MA:Mutual Assistance) shall be developed while having measures for each building (Self-Help) as the base.

Enhancement of the value of the district and reinforcement of the competitiveness of the city shall be pursued by creating a safe/secure district that is highly resistant to disasters (BCD: Business Continuity District) with aims of "reducing human casualties," "securing business continuity (BCP: Business Continuity Plan) of companies in the area" and "establishing a system responsive to disasters."

Furthermore, measures such as securement of evacuation routes to wide-area disaster prevention bases and establishment of cooperative structures (PA:Public Assistance) shall be developed through efforts to share a goal with railway operators, lifeline operators, etc. in the vicinity as well as with the government, police and fire department.

Cases of development/dissemination of demonstration projects

This table can be scrolled sideways.

FY 2011 Ministry of the Environment: Sustainable urban development promotion model project
Formulation of "OBP Renovation Guideline (Proposal)" for a low-carbon society
FY 2012 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: Project to support spreading smart community concept
Survey on the feasibility of introducing a packaged model of regionally integrated energy management systems and independent energy systems for disasters
FY 2013 - FY 2015 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: Next-generation energy technology demonstration project
(Power supply system utilizing corporate-owned EV)
Ministry of the Environment: Project for development and demonstration of technology that guide the strengthening of CO2 emissions reduction measures
OBP "Sotocomi®" Project
(Work style that enables both intellectual productivity and energy-saving)
*Sotocomi® is a trademark registered by Takenaka Corporation.
Charge-discharge station space
Charge-discharge station space
Outdoor diversified type community
Outdoor diversified type community
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Movements and Campaigns, etc.

Movements and Campaigns, etc.

Assisting the Campaign for United Nations Refugee Support

As part of our ESG activities, JMF provides support to Japan for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), which is the official Japanese support organization for the UNHCR. More specifically, we provide vacant spaces at JMF properties free of charge to Japan for UNHCR; the organization uses these spaces for its Campaign for United Nations Refugee Support activities.

Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc., which is responsible for managing JMF assets, has received a letter of appreciation from the UNHCR for its support. For further details, please visit the following website:
Japan Association for UNHCR and UNICEF

For further details about UNHCR, please visit the following website:
Japan for UNHCR
Japan for UNHCR is the official Japanese support organization for those wishing to cooperate with the UN’s refugee support activities.
The UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) was established in 1950 as a UN refugee support organization.
It seeks to resolve refugee problems by providing international protection and support for refugees and displaced persons who have been forced from their homelands due to conflict or persecution.
Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the UNHCR carries out support activities in more than 100 countries across the world. It was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1954 and 1981.
Japan for UNHCR is the official Japanese support organization for the UNHCR; it carries out public relations and fund-raising work to help support the UN’s refugee support activities.


Under the provisions of the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations (Investment Trust Act), investment corporations are not able to employ employees, so our asset management is entrusted to Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc. For information on initiatives for employees, please visit that company's website.
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